Travel Photography Basics

If you are a photographer bitten by the travel bug, you have a fabulous opportunity to capture moments in time from throughout the world and let other people experience the world through your eyes.1

Photographing Locals

Many locals are happy with you taking images of them but you should always ask for permission. In some countries, people may expect a few coins in return for an image, and children appreciate sweets. Take photographs of people in their day to day activities, at work and with family. Use a telephoto zoom lens to be less intrusive and make sure you include some of the landscape to get some context on the surroundings.2

Glorious Sunsets

Remember, to take the perfect image of a sunset you want to be there an hour before it happens. A tripod is ideal if you want to capture the warmth of the light without any chance of blur. When photographing a reflection and architecture make sure that both parts of the image are in focus. Set the mode dial to AV (Aperture-Prioity) mode and choose an aperture of f/11 or higher (depending on the light conditions) and let the camera choose the shutter speed. Use your camera’s self-timer or a cable release to take the photo with absolutely no blurring.

Compose in Thirds

When photographing great landmarks make sure your composition is perfect. Remember the rule of thirds; keeping all parts of the image balanced by putting something interesting in each section. The center of the frame should be contain the focal point; known as the ‘golden section’. Use a wide-angle lens to show off the vastness of the scene; including a person in the shot helps to show off the proportions.

Plan ahead

Planning is everything. Plan before you go, and make a list of the equipment you need to take. Use a travel guide and decide what you want to see and what you want to photograph. Look at street maps and plan where you can shoot from. A famous landmark like the Eiffel tower for example has been photographed many times so looking at a map can help you decide on the best place to shoot from for a different perspective.

Cherish Memories

Travel photographs are a great way for you, your family and friends to cherish and remember your travels. You can project your adventures as a slide show after inviting other friends who also share your interest in photography. They can then give you their honest feedback. Try adding a touch of humor to some of the snaps to make them even more interesting.