Hockey betting

Highlighting the most spectacular and fast sports games in the world, in the first TOP-3 we should definitely put the hockey. Hockey is so popular because of its spectacular moments. Of course, the full geography of these matches is not as extensive as, for example, in football, however, the number of fans here is also quite large. It is important to note that hockey bets are in high demand among residents of Russia and other countries (Canada, Sweden, Czech Republic, and so on). You can bet on hockey in free online casino games to play now.

The incredible speed of the game, the various removal of players from the field, and much more that can change the main account of the meeting of two opponents – these are the main features of hockey bets. It is important to note that in order to achieve the desired successful results you may need not only the required level of professionalism, but also quite strong nerves, especially those who decide to try themselves in the live mode.

Practically, as in any other sport in hockey, the main result of a match can be influenced by a lot of different factors that are extremely important to take into account in order to increase the probability of winning. These factors should be completely attributed to the general form of the team, analyzing its recent matches, news from hockey clubs, which may mention injured or disqualified players, a kind of level of motivation for a particular game and the like.

Before the final decision to put your money on the game, you need to try to find a decent and honest bookmaker who will provide a quality line of necessary events with a very large list for upcoming hockey matches, including for live modes. The more different betting options a bookmaker can offer you, the wider your choice is in terms of the most successful bet. Usually, the schedule of betting on the hockey leagues of the NHL and KHL is very rich, compared to the usual European championships.

Live bets are the most profitable in hockey

This is due to the fact that during the main broadcast during the game you can evaluate the real forces of the opponents and make the right choice. For proper evaluation it is enough to watch the match a couple of minutes.

As elsewhere, in the reception of bets on hockey in live mode there is one not very pleasant feature. Given that the scores change regularly, bets may be suspended. Doubtful bookmakers can forbid to make a bet at all when one of the teams plays in the majority. Deletions in this game occur quite often, so making bets in this mode on such bookmakers is not very convenient.

Also, quite an important point is the features of the calculation of the rates for hockey

Some bookmakers take into account only 3 periods, while others may take into account the time of overtime, and maybe even the shootouts. Before you bet, be sure to familiarize yourself with such subtleties in the rules of the system. Do not forget that there are simply amazing comebacks in hockey (a weak team still strives for victory). Do not be surprised when a bet with a factor of 1.06 can lose. In such cases, it is better not to risk your own funds and simply abandon these small coefficients, because the risk will be until the last second of your chosen game.

Experienced players know the features of hockey, one of which is that the goalkeeper can be replaced by the 6th player. Such replacements are made by the coach usually at the end of the match, with a minimum loss of one or two goals. In such situations, it often happens that the losing team misses the next puck, or, on the contrary, scores and thereby compares the score. Therefore, in the end of the match you choose, it is better to abandon the bets on the total less.

Software development for betting companies

Gambling gives an excellent chance to earn money for businessmen. It is known that the easiest way to open a betting company is to use the services of the gambling platform sports betting provider. Now there are a lot of such companies, but only some of them have managed to achieve impressive results in this complex business.

Development of gambling software is quite a lengthy and complicated process, which includes many different actions.

  1. Assemble a team of specialists in various fields who will be able to be responsible for carrying out their own processes and ensure the creation of a high-quality product. In such a complex matter as the creation of sports gambling software, a good team have a major role. Each team member must be an expert in their field and provide the highest level of work in their own direction. You can determine the company that takes the most responsible approach to this issue by talking to the customer support or sales staff. If these people are clearly aware of their responsibilities and they are able to answer all the questions you may have, then it is likely that the company is very careful in the staff selection process. Thus, it increases the likelihood that you will receive a quality product, and will be able to begin its development with the confidence that all processes are established and functioning.
  2. Properly plan all processes. The planning phase is very important for such a complex process as the development of gambling software. If all the needed processes are built correctly, the movement of the project goes clearly about the plan and you can be sure that the final result will be closest to your requirements.
  3. Customer feedback. It is extremely important that at each stage the company’s representatives maintain constant communication with their clients. This stage is created initially and improved in the process of work and development of the company. Each new client must be unique for the company, it must be able to adapt to its needs, and all its requirements must be met as closely as possible. This is how a reputation is created and the company’s contacts with its customers are being established.
  4. User support. Any good company provides high-quality support to its customers even after the project has been launched. It’s very important in the process of work, and especially immediately after the launch, when the client may have a number of additional questions that may concern the work of online gambling software or errors that can occur after the launch. It is important to note that even if the preparation and launch of the project were carried out at the highest level, minor errors can still occur in the process of work. High-quality technical support, which will always be online, will be able to solve these problems and will not allow the project to go offline.
  5. Responsibility. This principle builds the work of all successful companies. It is the ability of the company to take responsibility for the quality performance of all processes that can eventually lead to its success. Clients of such a company will be satisfied, because they will quickly be able to understand that the actions of the company can be trusted and that they are in safe hands.

Gambling business is fraught with many risks that begin with the choice of the gambling software platform provider, and pursue the founder of this business in the future. Almost every day there are new companies that seek to conquer this market, but their success depends on many different factors. Only a clear focus on results and the desire to achieve significant results with this business can lead a person to good results.

Residential London Conference Photography

Syon Park was the venue for this two day conference, which consisted of keynotes speakers and multiple breakout sessions, as well as an evening event in the stunning Syon House.

I love photographing large corporate events like this one, as I have the freedom to roam around, capturing the different parts of the conference as well as the overall atmosphere.

The conference attendees stayed the night in the Hilton hotel on site, as did I, which was great as it allowed me to start feeling super fresh and relaxed on the second morning.

Here are some of my favourite images from the two day conference in London.

Reframing Dementia

Dementia affects a huge number of people across the UK (and of course the world). My late grandma suffered for the last year or two before she left us, and my family felt like we had already lost her before she died, because she wasn’t really with it, making little sense and not recognising people she had known for most of her 90 years. So I was happy when I was invited along by the great charity, Alzheimers Research UK, to the launch event and private viewing of their exhibition on the Southbank in London, ‘Reframing Dementia’.

There were plenty of interesting parts of the exhibition, but the one that really grabbed the attention of many attendees was the virtual reality exhibit. You could put on the headset and begin to get a taste of what it’s like to suffer from dementia. Such a clever use of virtual reality, it was great to see.

Here are some of my favourite images from the event.

A Red Roundtable

South Place Hotel in the city of London is a chic venue for any corporate event, with a number of different rooms with super cool decor.

The Kuryakin room is a favourite of mine, with a striking red theme. It has a stunning, circular red table in its centre which makes it perfect for roundtable discussions and dinners.

I was there for Legal Business on this occasion for one of their regular roundtable events. Rooms like this one allow me to create images that stand out from most corporate event photography.

Creative Work Spaces…

…don’t come much better than this place. Mindspace has a couple of London locations. I was asked to take some photos for the brand new Aldgate location for PR purposes and I was blown away by how cool this place is. If I was looking for somewhere in the city to work from, this would be high up on my list. I always enjoy photographing London interiors, and this was quite different from the retail photography I often do.

Mindspace has hot-desking facilities as well as fixed offices for small businesses and startups. The decor is ultra cool, with funky artwork all over the place, awesome furnishings and a friendly atmosphere to boot.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot. The first one is a composite photo of several different frames, with my camera on a tripod and each individual being lit in a separate exposure. I love using creative techniques like this to bring a space to life with people.