The Art of Color Processing

In The Art of Color Processing: A Guide to Creative Development in the Digital Darkroom, I explain my color processing workflow in a step-by-step fashion, guiding you through each stage from start to finish. In addition to learning the details of my processing.1

Digital Darkroom Retouching Tips

These important milestones in my photography can direct you towards the development of your own unique color workflows, and provide the key to unlocking the full potential of your creative connection for unlimited possibilities.

What’s inside this eBook

This eBook is divided into three sections, with each contributing an important part to not only learning my color processing workflow, but also how to develop your own techniques in the digital darkroom.:

Section 1
Discusses my philosophy on digital processing and the steps that led to the development of my color workflow. You will have your own path to travel in your creative journey. By learning how my techniques came to fruition, you can identify some key turning points while also shedding some light on any potential obstacles.

Section 2 and 3
Explains the specific workflows of my editing and color processing in a step-by-step format. I discuss my techniques and why I chose them, and you can see the evolution of my images from RAW format to the final presentation using screenshots from Adobe® Photoshop CS6 software for visual instruction. I use the example photo below, guiding you through each step from what is captured in the camera (top) to the final color processed image (bottom)..3

Awesome Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

As a photographer, you may know the technical methods which are needed to capture your scene accurately, and can execute them with great expertise. You may also be familiar with the tools of processing from a corrective standpoint, but find difficulty in applying these tools creatively for a unique style. The flow of creativity experienced in the field suddenly becomes blocked once you enter the digital darkroom.

This is a frustrating result because the necessary desire to express your vision with processing is present, but the absence of knowledge needed to create it is constricting your ability to visually translate what you wish to express.

This leads to an unfulfilled experience in processing, and the disconnect can be apparent in your work. The Art of Color Processing is meant to assist in aligning your creative compass towards the path which leads to a more profound development of color processing workflows – and most importantly, results in greater satisfaction and joy in your photography.

Processing an image is more than performing corrective edits – it’s a fundamental part of the complete creative workflow, and your artistic vision should flow seamlessly from the camera into the digital darkroom. If you have an identifiable disconnect between your vision and your final image, then the roadblock – whether it be technical or inspirational – needs to be removed. That is the focus of this eBook: to detail my own processing workflows while also explaining how to develop your own for a complete creative experience that will strengthen your connection and your ability to process with a vision.