Management Consulting for Startups

How hard is it to start a new project? Very. How often startups fail? Almost 90% during the first year of their existence. What are the reasons? Experts name many but the most ‘popular’ are these three: lack of money/running out of cash; rapid/unreasonable hiring and betting on the wrong product. One way or another, I think the main problem of most startups is that their leaders do not plan carefully all the steps and do not consult mature professionals in their fields on their business issues. Here we will share the main tips for startups and why IT startups need DevOps.

Business tips for IT startups 

What services startups should get is discussed here:

  • Get your logo professionally designed. After you pick a name for your business, you think of a logo. Poorly designed logos can irretrievably crash your business.
  • Get your website created. Websites for business should not be done by professional designers and developers. Of course, you can do it yourself with the help of such tools as Shopify or Tilda, but get experts to consult you at least on main website custom features. 
  • Get Marketing Services. Business startup services such as marketing must be performed by experienced and skilled professionals. Marketing services should be carefully contracted out to the right agency.
  • Get Sales Strategy. Sales consultants work with their clients to establish strong sales tactics and strategies.
  • And last but not the least, get DevOps Methodology Implemented. DevOps is an approach or a set of practices, as some experts claim, that streamline, optimize and automate software development processes, for you to develop and deliver high-quality products as often as possible. 

Why startups need DevOps services

DevOps has been with us since 2010 and popped up from merging two terms ‘developers’ and ‘operations’. Like we said above, DevOps — is an approach or a combination of practices and principles that promote and reinforce agile software delivery methodology. With DevOps, teams become more productive, allowing businesses to produce more, improve quality and save money. 

Here are the main reasons why IT businesses including startups should adopt DevOps:

  1. Enhanced agility and operational efficiency. Rapid delivery of software and new features to the market is what DevOps agility is all about. Puppet’s State of DevOps Report claims that companies that practice DevOps deploy code 46x and implement changes 440x faster and also demonstrate 96x better failure recovery rate than their no-DevOps competitors.
  2. Elevated ROI. Based on data, on average companies that use DevOps experience a 20% increase in annual revenue.
  3. Upgraded customer satisfaction.  CA Technologies research reveals that companies that opt for DevOps experience a 45% improvement in customer satisfaction. 

Final thoughts

Every manager wants his project to perform and his startup to grow into a reliable business. IT businesses need DevOps to produce custom-oriented apps fast, but it’s not a piece of cake to implement this methodology, especially for SMBs and startups. Turning to mature DevOps companies for them to provide DevOps services startups to grow and thrive is a very good idea. At least, get consulting services on any issue you have to avoid mistakes and get your business to success.