A pet portrait as a gift

This portrait would make a unique gift for anyone who loves pets! This funny portrait that reminds you of your pet’s character can be placed in the office or at home on the wall. In such a picture, the animal will always be the center of attention. You can order custom pet portraits in specialized studios. A professional artist will create a perfect portrait of your pet, and you will get a great picture. You can also order a pet portrait of your friend and give him or her an unforgettable gift.

How to get a pet portrait

Does your cat like to snuggle in an armchair? Or do you want to see your dog’s favorite quirks in the portrait? No matter how you want to paint your pets big, small or medium, the artist’s professionals will do a truly original and funny drawing. The portrait is done according to predetermined requirements, so you’re sure to get exactly the result you need. 

What you need to start working on a portrait: send the artist a photo of your pet. Better yet, send several photos of your pet in different positions. Highlight the photo you would like to turn into a portrait. Describe the pet’s habits (or the habits and hobbies of its owner). An artist will draw an original portrait of the pet. As you can see, it’s a very simple process and you can quickly go through the steps. You should understand that each artist can see your pet differently, so you should initially work with the professionals whose work you like best. Fortunately, there are now many specialized companies that are willing to offer you their services in this category.

If you want to order a portrait of your pet or want to order a portrait of your friend’s pet, then first try to find the options that you like best. If you want a specific result, it is best to offer the artist examples of the works you like. This will help him choose the right style to create the picture, and you will be assured of a great result. If you can’t decide for sure, just choose an artist whose work you like. 

Each artist most often works in his particular style, so you should be guided by this when choosing. Although you can also start working not with solo artists, but with a full-fledged company that is willing to offer you their services for pet portraits. This will be a great solution that you should definitely use. If you choose this option, it will bring you some really nice opportunities in choosing the final portret result.