Divorce, become swingers or find lovers

Whether you swore faithful love to the tomb before the altar or not, today it does not matter. No matter how strong your feeling is, in about seven years you will either be divorced, cheating on each other, or swingers. That’s the reality, and exceptions are extremely rare, about one in ten. That is, only one out of ten married couples will keep the promise to the Lord that they will still be together and will not cheat on each other while remaining truly happy. That’s the rule of life now – nine to one. And the rule is because it’s an established system, and no one is surprised by divorce or cheating. And that’s not what we made up, that’s what we’ve done in different countries.

However, jokes aside, because the problem is serious, because most children are brought up in single parent families, and such children are less developed and more disadvantaged. So, how do moms and dads build their personal lives, their own rights, but with children it is already a social problem. But that’s not what we’re talking about, we’re talking about an intimate life. We’re talking about intimate, because the main reason for divorce is sexual dissatisfaction, that’s the research data. That is, in general, the main family value is sex, if we talk about family safety, not talking about high matter.

Now about cheating, lovers and mistresses. Of those who stay together, most cheat, with men and women almost equally. Almost, because wives still lag a little behind husbands in this respect, but quickly catch up with them, catching up in our freedom-loving time. Yes, as a matter of fact, in France and Belgium treason is considered the norm, no one is bothering with the modern culture of the public. But we’re not such cynics, most of us do it quietly.

And that’s when we got to the swingers. Why hide, why keep it quiet and why cheating? Game! And love and sex is still a game with different roles that we follow or make up. Everything about human culture is a game and it’s fiction. The brilliant Johan Höising brilliantly proved it a century and a half ago. Life is monotonically boring, and especially intimate for most spouses. Where does it lead to, we discussed, and you want to live fun, without divorce or cheating. So the movement of swingers is expanding, so is growing interest in it, this adult game is in fashion. Today any couple can join swingers clubs in san francisco and there are such clubs in most cities.

Doubt it? Just compare the number of requests “family sex” and “swingers” on Google. So the swingers theme is eight and a half times more popular. It’s fashionable, interesting, intriguing. Of course, there are not so many real swingers, but the trends are pronounced and more and more people are looking at this topic. And at the same time, these couples are much more resilient, no matter how anyone may be twisted about them. And here the question is, what is better: divorce, change or play adult games?

Dealing with the topic of family sex fifteen years and knowing almost everything in this area, we can draw a conclusion: if you pretend to family happiness, not counting on the case, that is, two ways – to look for swingers in los angeles or improve family sex, at least one other does not contradict. In this case, one pair out of ten such improvement and is engaged, if they are not asexuals, like the Japanese. Teaching people how to warm up home sex, keeping passion in Love, you can see that those who soberly look at life, simply become the exception to the rules. You just have to be aware of the reality and not have illusions, hoping for love to the tomb.