After divorce, life just goes on

Some couples live happily ever after, others get divorced, and the reasons for the separation can be very different. “Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way …” In different pairs, there are different acceptance criteria, for some, uncleaned plates become an excuse for leaving the family, while others endure constant betrayal for many years. Family psychologists nevertheless identified the five most compelling reasons for divorce.

These include:

  • addiction, alcoholism;
  • infantilism, life at the expense of the partner;
  • constant betrayal;
  • assault;
  • pathological jealousy, moral humiliation.

In all other cases, perhaps you can try to adjust the relationship. If you neglect the above criteria and continue family relationships, the consequences can be fatal not only for you, but also for your children. Think: what example do they see? How can such a relationship affect their psyche? Children absorb the atmosphere in the parental home, and then easily transfer it, having matured, to their families.

Of course, the relationship between a man and a woman in the family is everyday work. It is the woman who is faced with the task of creating an atmosphere of peace, kindness, comfort in the house, so the spouse should be more competent in psychology of family relations. And then the husband will certainly appreciate, help, love and protect your family hearth. But for this, first of all, you need to change yourself, to improve yourself.

If you are facing a difficult dilemma of divorce, think about the fact that, having gotten out of some unsuccessful relationships, you can easily enter into others that are the same and repeat your mistakes. Of course, women have to make a lot of efforts, because you need to remain attractive in all respects, not inferior to competitors. But this is quite enough to maintain love in the family or create new worthy relationships.

Yes, after a hard divorce, many people will be disappointed in relationships. However, you should not succumb to such emotions, because embitterment around the world is not the most attractive feature, as well as emotional depression and apathy. Of course, it is necessary to cut off the past decisively, stop thinking about failures and tune in to success.

You will surely meet your half!

A woman can go to a dating site and find dating divorced men there. So it will be easier to find a common language with a man.

Here are just a few tips to help you with this:

  • remove everything that reminds of past relationships – photos, gifts, etc.
  • go on a trip, change the scenery;
  • try to communicate with successful people who are happy in family life;
  • work on your own shortcomings: go in for sports, learn how to cook, start learning a foreign language;
  • visit new places, meet people;
  • do not neglect communication and dating on the Internet, a month after the breakup, you can already start dating. For starters, this is a way to get distracted, switch to a new relationship, and who knows, maybe it will grow into something more. If you are a man, then it makes sense to invite on dating divorced women.

Great chance to start new life

What needs to be done after gaining freedom? To begin with – take this opportunity and devote all the time freed up to care for your appearance. Every evening, do massage and facial masks, beautifully style your hair, and renew manicure. There was no time for fitness and spa salon before? Now it has appeared! Life did not end at the moment of divorce, it is just beginning, so it is necessary to fully meet your happiness. The best option is to first update the wardrobe if possible, and a couple of months after the divorce, arrange yourself a wonderful romantic getaway. For example, go somewhere to the sea, sunbathe, gain new impressions. 

Features of real estate shooting

With the release of design and architectural bureaus to online, the need for high-quality interior photography and 3D visualizations of closed spaces increases. Poster advertising, that has a task to capture the attention of the audience, design companies, real estate agencies, restaurants, cafes and hotels – all need an attractive image, created, including through photography. Otherwise, they risk merging with the “crowd.” Here is some really good example of nice photos of real estate Good photos is the factor that can significantly increase the price of real estate and help you to find a client very quickly. Let’s look at the main points that you should pay attention to when shooting real estate.

Stand in a corner

Press your back tightly against the wall to get the widest possible field of view. So from the “gaze” of your lens will not hide the details that make the photographed interior unique. Look at the plot from every angle that is available to you. In this way, select the shooting points at which you can get the most spectacular shots. Take note, some photographers push the camera against the wall to cover as much space as possible. Interior photographer Vaibhav Kapadi depicted the space of the Maxus Multiplex cinema in Mumbai as wide as possible. Vaibhav did it from the corner.

If the room is bright, then everything will be fine

Lighting control in interior photography is in itself, requires special knowledge and skills. You should seek uniform illumination so that the image remains free from bright spots or shadow dips. Use local light sources: lamps, ceiling lights, fireplaces and windows. Turn on and off groups of sources, thus, achieve the lighting that is most optimal for this room. Your “base” is soft diffused light. Therefore, push off from the natural light from the window in the “golden time”: in the early morning or late evening.

Organize the space being photographed before shooting begins

Before you shoot, imagine what image you want to get in the end. If the “naked” plot bores you, add details to the scene to be shot, thereby creating the desired atmosphere. Comfortably placed in the frame sofa cushion or a stack of newspapers, perhaps, will be the necessary detail that will balance the entire shooting scene. Put the camera, look around. “Observe” a place from different parts of it before performing any other preparatory procedures. Add details to the interior to be removed, thereby setting the mood of the story and create the center of attention. If you need to take a picture of the interior, first of all find out the purpose of the final images. Each client makes original demands and looks at things in his own way, and each picture requires an individual approach. How will the finished photos be used? Does the picture need to save space for inscriptions? How wide is the creative freedom provided to you by the client? For example, if you are fulfilling an order for an interior designer, specify what the customer wants to show: certain decorative details, the general atmosphere of the place created by lighting, certain functions of the room? Remember, in such and similar cases, the client expects you to meet his needs. Here you can find some good example Another example. When you rent a restaurant interior, more often, your task is to capture the atmosphere of the place, as well as to include in the photos some details of the design and people. Despite the fact that the task relates to interior photography, the interior itself is not the protagonist of the plot. Here the images “narrate” about the atmosphere created by the interior in such a way that potential visitors want to be in it. For the decision, you should most likely focus on sensations stimulated by the rented interior from the viewer. And it would be impractical to show the restaurant “inhospitable” and “empty.” In general, start a project not with the shooting itself, but with its goal. And until it clears up for you, do not rush to release the shutter.