Tips for playing CS:GO

Now there are a lot of great games, against which stands out vividly CS:GO. If you want to get more information about this game, here you can find everything you need There are a few basic tips to help you effectively develop the game. Let’s take a closer look at them.

How can you learn to shoot well?

To train your AIM you need to play on AIM cards only with real people, bots will not work. You should shoot only in the head and only a few rounds. If most of all you love the AK-47 slot machine and you can not play with it, you need to play with it until you reach yours. If during training you have a lot of deaths, do not worry, it’s okay, because you are in training. During the game and shooting you have to move so that it would be harder to hit you, but when you shoot, try to stop sharply and shoot back. If your favorite weapon is M4a1, you still have to train the AK-47, because during the game you can pick up the weapon of the opposite team and there is nothing you can do about it.

How can you shoot the queue correctly?

Unlike CS 1.6, the spread in CS:GO has changed a lot. For queue firing training you will undoubtedly benefit from the “training_aim_csgo” card, it can be found in the style (workshop). You need to choose to shoot with the queue and reduce the target to the head size. The main thing is not to forget what we wrote earlier: you should not play with only Ak-47 or M4a1. If you shoot with the queue you should hit the target with the whole queue, it is important because after the first attempt you will hardly have a chance to make a second queue when the aim will be shifted for a more accurate hit. Do not forget to change the map, otherwise get used to it and nothing normal will come out of it. Only four levels, after the fourth, start from the beginning.

How to shoot with AWP?

Tell us about the maps on which you can well practice shooting with AWP. In principle, any “awp” card, the same awp_lego or some other will do, but again, do not forget that you need to train with real people. Still, let us advise you to try to choose cards similar to dust2 for example. One of the most common mistakes of a sniper is to have the zoom (sight) turned on . Very gross error and with similar tactics of the game you will not go far. With the sight can only go in one of 10 cases. Try to shoot with the first zoom (approaching sight), the second is almost useless on sorvernovatelnyh cards, except for those cards where there are very long distances, then you will need the second. Never turn off the zoom with a few mouse clicks, take a knife or a gun, the first one is faster, the second one has a chance that the enemy will not hear you.

How can you shoot with the gun?

The first round – pistol in all cases lays the foundation for further play. But if you do not know how to shoot with it, then unfortunately, it will not work. The official game servers will help you in this matter. Practice with the gun that you like more and which can be bought for any of the teams, try to shoot clearly in the head from the first round, because in most cases, 1 round is the last for the enemy and can cause 100% damage.

How can you walk correctly during a game?

If you run on the map without using a quiet step, then most likely you have a negative skill in this regard. Players who listen to the steps will immediately hear where you are running, so you are setting yourself up. A quiet step is a very necessary thing, do not forget it. If you don’t stomp, then your enemies won’t be able to know from your steps where you are and you can suddenly go behind your enemy’s back or just walk out on him when he doesn’t suspect about it.

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