What Is Stained Glass Mosaic

Stained glass on glass mosaics make beautiful pieces of art. The aesthetically pleasing and bold colorful patterns look no less than an impressive artwork that you can proudly showcase in your living room. The best part is, you can use the broken glassware and crockery to make this project. All you need is a few basic supplies, some easily available tools and some time to make this colorful stained glass art. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make this project as we are sharing the complete process for you!

To make this amazing modern stained glass piece, you just need three easily available things: some colored glass, grout and a glass cutter. As we already mentioned, you can even use broken glass pieces lying at your home. If you don’t have those, get colored glass sheets from any nearby art store.

Materials You’ll Need :

  • A clear glass from frame or a glass panel
  • Picture frame
  • Different types of colored glass
  • Clean and soft cloth
  • Glass cutter
  • Some fabric or acrylic colors

Follow the below steps to make your own glass mosaics :

  • Take the glass panel or simply remove the glass from any photo frame and clean it.
  • Now, trace a pattern of your choice on the cleaned glass. You can draw any pattern you like by taking some inspiration from the internet.
  • Next, select the colored glass sheets you want to use and cut them according to the pattern you’ve drawn.
  • Paste the stained glass pieces on the design. Make sure to leave some gap for the grout. Leave this glass mosaic for a couple of hours or even overnight to dry.
  • Once it dries, apply a layer of grout on the frame and let it settle nicely into the frame. Wipe off extra grout using a dry cloth and leave it overnight to dry.
  • Clean the glass mosaic design using a damp cloth to get rid of all the grout over it. Use a glass cleaner to scrape off extra grout.
  • Finally, add some final touches by creating a border using the fabric or acrylic colors of your choice. And Voila! Your simple but aesthetic stained glass mosaic art is ready to showcase.

Some Useful Safety Tips :

  • Keep the sharp glass pieces out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Always wear protective gears such as work glasses, gloves, face mask while cutting the glass and mixing the grout.
  • Don’t throw the leftover grout in the sink or another plumbing system as it will choke the pipeline.
  • If you’ve no idea what pattern to trace for the art, draw simple geometric patterns. They look very intricate and classic.
  • Make sure the glue you’re using is of good quality otherwise the glass pieces will fall out in a day or two.
  • Keep this stained glass mosaic art protected from excessive heat and moisture.

There you have it! A simple but elegant DIY stained glass on glass mosaic art! Hope you enjoyed it!